Wednesday, 8 June 2016


The Bihar board results have forced us to take a moment and think where our education system is going and what are we doing with our children in the first place and consequently what will be the consequences which we as a nation are going to face in the future. Education is one of the very important aspects for the development of any country. A country with well educated youth no doubt has a very bright future."Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"--Nelson Mandela.
Unfortunately our country which had a glorious educational background it's present education system is very pathetic .Just take a look into any government, public or private sector you will get to hear an earful about labor shortage. It is a completely confusing picture. Our universities education system 
contributes to about producing 3 million graduates and post graduates every year.7 million students after their secondary school education in 10 th and 12 th stop further education and seek employment. Thus nearly ten million youth are injected into the society every year seeking employment but how many of them are qualified and get jobs !We all know that the demand for jobs is always high but the supply is low because the companies are not able to find suitable candidates from a sea of mechanized people who know nothing but to learn everything by heart !The key to understanding this contrast lies in the word QUALIFIED --the increase in education levels has been accompanied by a decline in the quality of education creating a pool of unemployed youth.

The education system of our country has been a problem since the very beginning. Even Rabindranath Tagore wrote lengthy articles about how Indian education system needs to be changed but to date not much has changed. The educated unemployed youth is totally distressed and helpless with the whole system. We have exhibited IIT’S, IIM’ law schools and other institutions of excellence. Students now a day’s score 90% and above marks and as a result students even with 90% find it difficult to get into the college and stream of their choiceisn't it ironical!
Actually rote learning and mugging plagues our education system. Students study only to score in exams or to crack exams like IIT, AIMS or CLAT.Knowledge is largely forgotten after the semesters are over, students focus on cramming and the system rewards crammers --originality and creativity is neither rewarded nor created instead it is suppressed by the present education system. Isn’t this the fundamental flaws of our education system! IS MEMORISING LEARNING?

Our education system is a system geared towards generating robotized crammers .We has the most number of engineering graduates in the world, they are all busy running call centers --and that is where our engineering still ends.
The goal of the education system should be to create entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, artists, writers etc who can establish the foundation of knowledge based economy rather than low quality service provider nation.
All the schools and all the teachers just follow year after year the same traditional teaching ways, the same syllabus, children traditionally mug it all over, the exams are taken and grades are given, the child who has the best memorizing capacity tops them all. It really is least important that he understood what he has memorized and vomited in the answer sheet .The children are always in pressure to perform well in these exams both by the parents and the society. Everyone is a part of the same rat race.
If India as a country wants to become a word leader it should first create leaders. Every child is unique in his own way, he or she is born blessed with some creativity, an ideal teacher and a system is one who recognizes and brings the creativity out.
The whole study of a child PG to XII --all these years he is taught in class rooms. How can we prepare our children to face the outside world in a room of 10/10 ?
Focus should be given to teach children to learn how to learn and not to cram and vomit in answer sheets. They should be taught to gain knowledge not marks. Stress should be given on outdoor and practical assignments instead of class room studies and written homework. The aim of education should not be limited to books it should create an overall personality. Remember the ancient Indian gurukul system? In the Vedic period the following objectives were attained through education --
Self control, development of character, generating social awareness, integral development of personality, propagation of pureness, etc. but unfortunately today’s educated youth lacks almost in all of them.
Teaching is a noble profession teachers or guru are actual builders of a nation. It is high time to encourage and introduce a breed of teachers who teach to take part in the development of the nation and not those people who take it as a safe, well payed risk free low pressure job! You can understand what our students go through in schools by the statement of a teacher in high school --"Well if you guys don't study it is entirely your loss, I will get my salary at the end of the month anyway." Not all of them are like that but still thousands of such teachers are wasting the creativity and originality of young children all over India every day. There should be leaders, entrepreneurs in teaching profession not salaried people.
Dr Neelam Mahendra 

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